Don’t miss the LOVE

My friend thinks I’ve gone right round the bend with this Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Love, Love, Love thing. Image

Because I believe Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross saved everybody who says yes to His love — whether they are “Christians” or not.

To talk me out of this zany idea, he used the parable of the Narrow Door, from Luke 13, where Jesus says:

Strive to enter through the narrow door; for many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able. When once the owner of the house has got up and shut the door, and you begin to stand outside and to knock at the door, saying, ‘Lord, open to us,’ then in reply he will say to you, ‘I do not know where you come from.’ Then you will begin to say, ‘We ate and drank with you, and you taught in our streets.’  But he will say, ‘I do not know where you come from; go away from me, all you evildoers!’ There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth when you see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the kingdom of God, and you yourselves thrown out.

I like this parable because I believe Jesus is, Himself, the Narrow Door, and few people get through it! I mean even few Christians. They think they know Jesus because their church has given them a picture of Him and promised if they repent, ask forgiveness and try not to sin, they will avoid hell and have heaven in their future.

But some few people who are driven to abandon that “image” of Jesus and actually strive to find the Narrow Door, discover that Jesus is not asking (or demanding) that we repent or stop sinning or do a blessed thing except allow Him to love us! When we let go of the notion of our doing anything for God, of our being responsible for any part of our salvation, when we just say YES to Jesus’ love, then we are sucked through that narrow door and into paradise!

Heaven begins for us when we are able to relax in and bask in that love with no thought of what we ought to do, only that we ought to be — to be loved, to be held, to be healed, to be the Beloved! When we find our identity as the beloved, then there is only Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Love, Love, Love — but how many people find that narrow door?

How many lifetime Christians go through it? I’ve met very few who are there yet. And all those others who think they know Jesus because they are doing what their church said … they’re on the other side of the door telling Jesus all what they did for Him and how they served Him … and He’s saying, “I never knew you.”

It’s tragic! Don’t let it happen to you. This Valentine’s day, say YES to the most important love of your life — the love of Jesus!

About Jax Hill

Christ-follower, wife, step-mom, scuba diver and fabulous socialite Jax Hill is the author of the novel "Dragonfly" and has a few interesting ideas every once in a while. Mostly with me it's just Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, love, love, love.
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